Communications Diversified, Inc. is a charter member of the Ideacom national network of companies. Ideacom is a new kind of high tech organization. Ideacom was founded in 1986 by a group of dedicated business leaders with individual companies, who realized the benefit of working together in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By uniting their purchasing power, these successful entrepreneurs created an organization whose members enjoy the benefits of being part of a national organization, while retaining complete control over their own business and its identity.
Ideacom Mission Statement

The Ideacom Network is an organization of independent voice and data providers that have a common goal of providing the highest quality products to members at a cost advantage in their marketplace. Our members constantly share important industry knowledge and best practices that are of enormous value to their businesses. The Ideacom Network accomplishes this through active member and vendor involvement, camaraderie, commitment, and focus. As a result of our core principles, our members deliver the very best products and services to their customers at competitive prices while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

Ideacom Members are located throughout the United States.

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