Xtension Call Recorder

Cost Effective ‘true digital’ recording.

Simple: Digital: Connectivity
Xtension Recorder simply connects in line with your Vertical / Vodavi telephones and plugs into the USB connector on any PC.  Using Comvurgent’s ‘True Digital’ technology, Xtension Recorder stores conversations in high quality digital format ensuring excellent sound quality.

Why Record?
Recording telephone conversations improves efficiency.  By recording critical information you ensure accuracy of transactions and compliance with industry regulations.  Call recording will ensure that your clients receive quality customer service.  Xtenstion Recorder can also be used to record security alerts such as: bomb threats, threats of physical violence and verbal abuse.

Other Application Ideas

  • Message Taking- use Xtension Recorder to record a message instead of writing it down. E-mail the message to the recipient. It’s like a mini Unified Messaging System.
  • Customer Service Desks- Xtension Recorder is a great training tool. Move it around to different agents to monitor activity from time to time.
  • Operator Positions- monitor how those important callers are being answered and transferred.
  • Call Centers- install Xtension Recorder at each desk and record to a central server location for supervisor listening.
  • Conference Calls- record those important discussions and decisions.
  • Dictation- Xtension Recorder allows you to dictate directly into your phone and e-mail the recording to an assistant.

Record Features
Xtension Recorder comes with a built-in Caller ID and records the date, time, and duration of every call.  On top of these features the user may add comments during a conversation and highlight important calls.

Set-up Options

  • Record all calls or manually select which to record.
  • Use compression to save disc space
  • Save calls locally or on a network server for centralized monitoring and playback.

Vertical / Vodavi Telephone Compatibility

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