Discover Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud

Get your essential IT services from one provider—and get the freedom to focus.

30 services. One provider.

There are certain IT services that you need simply to do business. Office in the Cloud lets you get these services from a single provider. We manage integration, security and mobility so your users and admins stay focused on business.

HostPilot: our central control panel


HostPilot is the single control panel you’ll use to administer all your users, services, and devices. It makes the cloud easier to use and more efficient to manage.

Don’t give up your flexibility and control


HostPilot offers the same control you’d expect from an on-premises deployment. You can customize specific elements of your cloud environment to match your unique business processes. You can even sync your on-premises Active Directory.

The benefits of a one-stop shop


When you get your IT from a single source, you create significant efficiencies. Choose Office in the Cloud to free your admins from endlessly logging into and out of control panels all day long—and give them the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™


Customers choose Intermedia because we allow them out outsource more of their IT burden. They take this time, money and energy and reinvest it in their business.

Worry-free security

Intermedia is SOC 2 audited company-wide. So you can have full confidence in the security of our products, network, and infrastructure. And in our ability to protect your data privacy.

Worry-free reliability

Intermedia guarantees 99.999% uptime. This amounts to less than 26 seconds of downtime per month.

Worry-free support

Intermedia offers 24/7 admin support. We typically answer the phone in less than 60 seconds. And every support team member is a full-time employee. No outsourcing.

Worry-free onboarding and migration

Intermedia’s expert Cloud Concierge™ team performs free setup and migration for Hosted Exchange and many other services

Worry-free regulatory compliance

Intermedia’s security measures and privacy controls can help you ensure compliance with a wide variety of financial and healthcare-related regulations.

We make it simple to move to the cloud

Hosted Exchange Mailboxes

migrations per month

migrated since 2010

Hosted PBX Phone Lines

ported per month

ported since 2010

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